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3Ti has multiple Managed Service offerings including staff augmentation (on or off-site) and remote network management & support.

3Ti’s managed services resources and facilities are prepared to support secure government and commercial missions.  We offer remote support & managed services packages to support customer environments around the world.  Several manufacturers rely on 3Ti for OEM support services – becoming their first line of support with end customers.  3Ti also offers security & vulnerability assessment services.

We secure our managed services environment with multiple layers of physical security protection and live video surveillance. We provide our hosted customers with secure VPN access to communicate, collaborate, and access their environments.

3Ti delivers easy to use, secure, reliable voice, video & data for internal & interagency communications  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into our architectures & experience instant connectivity & productivity.  Centralized management tools ensure rapid administration & maintenance reducing cost & risk.

Sustainment services offer you 24/7/365 assurance of peak performance for global capabilities.  We simplify training required after complex integrations.  We’ve integrated solutions for Briefing & Display systems, Video Teleconference (VTC), Command & Control, Classroom/Training Facilities, and Conference rooms.

We don’t just focus on the systems you touch, we enable your network infrastructure to deliver the performance your mission requires.

Business Enterprises, Academic Institutions and Military Agencies rely on technology that empowers communication, streamlines the secure transmission of data and enables multi point collaboration & interactive presentations. The power to record and archive discussions and lectures for on demand access is an invaluable tool for training.

Video Teleconferencing Classrooms facilitates collaboration while reducing costs and increasing the productivity of individuals in your organization. Today, eighty six percent of organizations surveyed have implemented video teleconferencing into their unified communications solutions. Organizations that have deployed these systems have reported several key improvements to the workspace including

  • Improved employee productivity and response times
  • Noticeably increased activities around collaboration
  • Increased participation in discussions conducted via Video teleconferencing as opposed to traditional audio conferencing

As a leader in A/V solutions and early adopter of Video teleconferencing technology for our DoD customers, 3T Innovations designs, delivers and supports solutions for any size organization, enabling your team to remain focused on mission objectives.

This area of cyber security, often referred to as information assurance, revolves around developing and implementing safety measures that protect computer networks and systems of a corporation, organization, or government. 3Ti has a team of highly trained network security professionals with years of experience in the field.

They are responsible for ensuring that all critical infrastructure is secured and that data is safe from unauthorized access. 3ti’s expertise includes: -securing the network using encryption and other methods-protecting the system against malicious attacks and threats-preventing hackers from accessing sensitive data identifying and defending against threats by deploying the use of network-monitoring tools and controlling system vulnerabilities through the use of firewalls and intrusion detection tools- ensuring that the network is protected from unauthorized access.

3Ti is an industry expert in maintaining and improving security by keeping up with new technologies and standards.

At 3Ti, our mission is to provide the latest in public and private cloud technologies. Our solutions utilize new technologies, such as converged infrastructure and software defined datacenter, which bring both incredible value and performance. Since we internally utilize these emerging technologies, execution and familiarity allow us to efficiently implement cloud solutions tailored to the customer’s environment.

Our past performance includes industry first deployments of multilevel security and virtualization within highly secured intelligence community systems, and because it is so extensive, we are highly knowledgeable of potentially crippling issues that can plague these deployments. We also aim to provide complete and well packaged training courses so as to educate candidates on the day to day operations of the installed systems.

3TI is now 8(a) Certified!

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