Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP feature releases provides major enhancements that expand the entire platform’s ability to deliver even greater performance and value. These enhancements meet the latest technology formats, industry standards, and organizational needs to help drive even greater productivity and success. Even better, these updates are available now via a FREE firmware download. Have your devices on our XiO Cloud® platform? Simply deploy the update to your devices, one at a time or in a single global push.

DM NVX 5.1 release includes:

Enhanced features on E30, D30, and D80 to match 360 and 363

Support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision® formats provides a better-quality content experience when using Roku® devices, Amazon Fire TV®, Apple TV® devices and streaming devices that support these standards. .

Thumbnail preview of video stream allows the encoder or decoder source to be displayed in 1 second images via the devices’ web UI. The thumbnail preview is accessed through the Crestron touch screen standard UI or custom HTML5 interfaces. This is a great feature for troubleshooting, as well as to deliver a great end user experience when used as a source preview. Configure easily through the device web interface, SIMPL Windows, VT Pro-e® software, HTML5, or API.

Enhanced KVM features support a broader range of USB applications on 360 and 363 models

Enhanced KVM features allow for keyboard interaction with the program through the HID port on DM-NVX-360 and 363 products. This feature allows standard USB keyboards to route key sequences to the control processor to trigger AV and USB routing. This can be set up and managed through SIMPL Windows or SIMPL# programming environments.

Updated web UI

The new and improved look and feel of the DM NVX web UI aligns with and matches the larger line of Crestron products to deliver a common look across all and is available for all currently shipping and previously released products. The updated UI is especially important as we continue to build out features for XiO Cloud support. Simply refresh once the firmware update is loaded to the DM NVX endpoint.

Get the latest updates today.

Previously released feature updates (2020):


The AES67 standard for audio provides interoperability with many third-party solutions including Dante®, Shure®, and QLAN audio networking. AES67 network audio is supported across the entire DM NVX portfolio, with every encoder and decoder able to simultaneously transmit and receive two channels of high-quality AES67 network audio. This addition brings incredible audio power to our AV-over-IP platform. When utilized with the DM-NVX-351, you’ll be able to downmix multi-channel audio and then stream it out as a 2-channel source.

Adaptive Bit Rate mode

With the addition of Adaptive Bit Rate mode, DM NVX now supports the ability to adjust bit rate based on the resolution of the source being routed. This makes it easier for system designers to architect solutions that are guaranteed to work, while using network resources efficiently. Whichever your preference, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or the new Adaptive Bit Rate mode, DM NVX delivers. Simply set the mode through the web interface or configure through SIMPL Windows or SIMPL# Pro.

Image Freeze

This simple, yet useful, feature allows you to freeze the last frame of video on any DM NVX endpoint. This is particularly beneficial in courtroom-like settings in which one person’s view may need to be halted temporarily. Configuration is conveniently performed through SIMPL Windows or SIMPL# Pro.

Automatic display control

Let the DM NVX endpoint take over display control for you. Whether used in a simple source-to-display application or to simplify programming, DM NVX endpoints can power your display on and off depending on detection of an active video stream. Configuration is simple via the web interface. No programming required.

Network port identification

You can now use Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) to identify which network switch port your DM NVX endpoints are connected to and reconfigure it based on that information. This feature can be very useful when moving podiums on a stage and in spaces such as active learning rooms, multifunction rooms, divisible rooms, and convention spaces. Configuration is conveniently performed through SIMPL Windows or SIMPL# Pro.

Simplified routing

This feature takes DM NVX routing further with the ability to now control and independently route video, audio, and USB from the web interface. In addition to already being able to subscribe, this update makes simple systems even simpler.

Stream port selection

Divide DM NVX network traffic based on your needs. This new update will allow for the routing of audio, video, and USB control on separate physical networks. For instance, separate your AES67 or Dante audio stream data from your primary video and control network on products including DM-NVX-350(C), DM-NVX-351(C), and DM-NVX-352(C). Conveniently configure through the web interface or SIMPL Windows.

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