Seamless Communications allows government employees to connect efficiently, irrespective of where they are or what form of computer they are using – desktop PCs, cell phones, tablets or VoIP phones. Connecting over the cloud allows for smooth contact. 

Here are four ways UC increases the efficiency of government in meeting the needs of its constituents. 

  1. Collaboration. Public safety is dependent on good communications. And whether it’s a natural disaster or a community event, UC solutions connect first responders via mobile technology and allow them to share rich data such as video and photos – even with different communications devices. 


  1. Mobility on the move. What if the workers were available to voters irrespective of where they are located? Most workers can not be bound to a desk telephone: they need to be out in the field, attend community meetings, or even simply switch between offices. They’re open to the world just the same with a cloud-based smartphone device, logging in to a web-based platform wherever they are. This results in greater efficiency, greater consumer sensitivity and additional cost savings for the municipality. 


  1. The resources are managed. What if you can get all that functionality without the investment in hardware or software? There is no hardware to buy with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) because all servers All functions are accessed through a single, intuitive and user friendly browser-based interface.
    All functions are accessed through single, intuitive and user friendly browser-based interface. 

    4. Scalability. No matter what your customers require, the budgets vary from year to year. UCaaS allows you touse only the required bandwidth at that moment and scale up or down as needed. Do the seasons impact your services, with higher call volumes at different times of the year? 
    Scale up when necessary and scale down when demand slacks off. Over time, purchasing only the power you 
    need reduces your overall cost of ownership (TCO).