Meraki was created for cloud networking and has a cloud-managed product family that includes wireless LAN, security appliances, Ethernet switches and mobile device control. In 2012, Cisco Systems Inc. – the world leader in Internet networking – acquired Meraki and later formed Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group. Currently Meraki invests in R&D to fuel the next generation of cloud networking solutions. During the case, Michael Donis, Stratosphere Networks’ director of business development and general counsel, and Jon Engler, product management specialist with the Cisco Systems Cloud Networking Division, explained the advantages of Meraki’s cloud networking.


Here are reasons why businesses might want to consider networking with Meraki. Reduced management burden for IT networking in the Meraki cloud allows IT departments to accomplish more. The capabilities of the platform allow IT professionals to achieve more in a shorter amount of time than historically they have been able to. Access to a Complete Feature Set Out of the Box When you purchase a Meraki product, you are buying everything that solution is capable of doing, with no licenses per feature or additional hardware needed to make use of all its capabilities. Furthermore, Meraki works to ensure that the features of its cloud technologies remain cutting-edge and innovative: Cisco Meraki has produced over 52 major feature updates since the acquisition in 2012. Furthermore, at the bottom of every tab, the Cisco Meraki dashboard has a “Make a Wish” feature that encourages consumers to complete the sentence, “I wish this tab would …” The company then makes changes based on feedback / wishes from end users. Meraki has given more than 10,000 client wishes since the acquisition. Capabilities Designed Originally built for cloud Meraki hardware from the outset to be exclusively cloud-managed and web-based, allowing for more efficient cloud networking. That gives Cisco Meraki an edge over competitors who have retrofitted cloud solutions on-premise.


Anywhere, Anytime Network Access As companies seek to satisfy an increasingly mobile workforce, it’s important to be able to access solutions when operating from home or on the go. One of the most critical benefits of cloud networks is that you can access them from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Wherever you are in the world, you can log in to the Meraki dashboard, if you can get online.