Water and Wastewater Services

From small public systems to large municipal systems, our team of engineers can assist with planning, design, and funding assistance. Since we are a multidisciplinary business, we can easily incorporate legal, environmental, electronic, electrical, piping, corrosion, and fire safety infrastructure expertise to our water and wastewater knowledge.


  • Source of supply and wells.

  • Concrete and steel water storage tanks.

  • Booster pump stations and hydraulics.

  • Hydro-pneumatic pressure tanks.

  • New and replacement transmission and distribution pipelines.

  • Fire protection systems and flow analysis.

  • Cross-connection control systems.

  • Conventional and advanced water treatment.

  • Taste and odor control systems.

  • Iron and manganese filtration.

  • Nitrate, arsenic, and VOC removal.

  • Utility master planning and capital improvement plans.

  • Asset management plans.

  • Utility operator training services.

  • Electrical and instrumentation design.

  • Regulatory permitting assistance.

  • Water system plans and modeling.

  • Grant and load assistance.

Utility Operations & Maint.

  • Asset management plans and life-cycle analysis.

  • Capital improvement planning.

  • Operations and maintenance manuals and SOPs.

  • Wastewater optimization audits.

  • Regulatory permitting assistance.

  • Facilities master planning.

Wastewater Collection

  • Collection pipelines and trunk mains.

  • Wastewater pumping stations.

  • Study of the Solar system noise.

  • Low-Pressure Sewer Systems (STEP).

  • Pipeline corrosion investigations.

  • CIPP pipeline rehabilitation design.

  • Odor control systems.

  • Fat/oil/grease residuals management.

  • Wastewater system master planning.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

Wastewater Treatment

  • Wastewater process troubleshooting.

  • On-site wastewater systems.

  • Small package treatment plants.

  • Lagoon management evaluations.

  • Conventional Activated Sludge Treatment (CMAS).

  • Advanced tertiary wastewater treatment.

  • Nitrification/denitrification design.

  • Industrial pre-treatment systems.

  • Wastewater disinfection (UV and chlorination).

  • Beneficial reuse/recycling/irrigation systems.

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