Mechanical Engineering

Our experts in mechanical engineering work closely with clients to achieve safe, effective and maintainable designs that meet practical needs and customer objectives.
Our team members have developed diverse HVAC systems including heat recovery systems (waste heat utilization) and controlled climate systems. We are well versed in the fields of study and selection of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for special and complex installations. We are also well versed in the design of plumbing and piping for both internal and external building structures, making it easy for consumers to know that we are responsible after their best interests.


  • HVAC and plumbing design for commercial, high technology, institutional, and government sectors.

  • Laboratory design (animal, biosafety, biohazard, and research facilities).

  • Master planning of mechanical systems for campus projects.

  • Central plants for cooling, heating, electricity generation, compressed air, medical gases, etc.

  • Industrial ventilation.

  • Automatic temperature control systems.

  • Material handling design.

  • Bulk fuel storage systems

  • Machine design.

  • Pipe replacement and retrofit design for older structures.

  • High pressure and high temperature process piping.

  • High density heat gain facilities, i.e., data centers (up to 300 watts/square foot).

  • Fire protection.

  • Building systems commissioning.

  • Forensic work.

  • Noise and vibration control.

Assessment and Analysis:

  • Pipe stress computer analyses.

  • Computer simulations for life cycle cost analysis.

  • Mechanical system assessments for large facilities.

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).

  • Building system computer simulations for performance and energy analysis.

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