Corrosion Control

3Ti’s corrosion control research department represents national and foreign customers in the oil and gas, marine, water / wastewater, municipal, infrastructure, power generation and industrial industries. We generate high-quality, qualified reports that are seen by numerous operators and state and federal regulators as the “best in the sector.” Their reports are set up to allow employees to share effectively with their management teams and regulators the state of their processes.

Cathodic Protection

  • Annual monitoring/maintenance:

      • Rectifier.
      • Test station.
      • System adjustments, balancing, and analysis.
      • Minor repairs.
  • Close Interval Surveys (CIS).

  • AC interference testing and analysis:

      • Evaluations and studies.
      • Design.
      • Field testing.
      • Mitigation.
  • DC interference testing.

  • Casing evaluations.

  • Short and bonding investigations and analysis.

  • Technical evaluations and studies.

  • Design (corrosion and multidiscipline).

  • Construction support and oversight.

  • Regulatory support


  • Soil/water corrosivity testing and analysis.

  • Corrosion evaluations.

  • Rail noise impacts, including vibration.

  • Corrosion failure analysis.

Internal Corrosion

  • Design.

  • System evaluations.

  • Field sampling/testing.

  • Monitoring noise from building.


  • Depth of cover surveys.

  • API 570 support.

  • API 653 support.

  • In-Line Inspection (ILI)/maintenance pigging plans and support.

  • External Corrosion Direct Assessments (ECDA).

  • Risk assessment.

Protective Coatings

  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) surveys.

  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) surveys.

  • Alternating Current Attenuation Surveys (ACAS).

  • Atmospheric corrosion inspections.

  • Specifications/coating selections.

  • Studies and assessments.

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