Commissioning gives an owner the trust that their planned design and operational requirements have been met. The experience of our team delivering complete commissioning services in building helps us to construct a detailed commissioning strategy that we are implementing with authority.

Our commissioning services bring value greater than their cost by providing optimum device efficiency, minimizing claims, and seamless transitions between any project’s design, development, and occupancy phases. Essentially, a smooth transition to occupancy and service saves the owner’s money as it directly affects staff efficiency and planning management

3Ti basic construction commissioning philosophy encourages a comprehensive and timely construction which promotes the optimum performance of all constructed systems. For this quality assurance the planning and team building is a significant component of what we do. There is the monitoring of all quality assurance operations, which adds transparency and reliability by improving inspection and test validity.

3Ti Capabilities

  • Reviewing proposed engineering designs.

  • Providing commissioning related contract specifications and documents.

  • Operator training and evaluation.

  • Assessing on site construction installations.

  • Overseeing training of operator personnel.

  • Verifying correction of noted deficiencies.

  • Performance and acceptance testing of systems.

  • Sustainable site design and low impact development.

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