Bridge Engineering

If it’s a concrete or steel bridge, a small pedestrian bridge, or a mile-long vehicle bridge, the technical department at 3Ti will get the job done. Our multidisciplinary approach helps us to work on many aspects of a bridge or tunnel, such as structural integrity, construction assistance, lighting, electrical controls, mechanical systems, right-of-way and approach design, land survey, and more. The strength of our team lies in our extensive expertise with a wide range of styles, materials, and site conditions and constraints of bridge and tunnel. We offer a wide variety of services including new bridge construction, inspection and maintenance in-service.

Types of Bridges

  • Vehicular bridges.

  • Pedestrian bridges.

  • Moveable bridges.

  • Tunnels

  • Culverts.

  • Signs.

  • Signal/high mast luminaires.

Design Services

  • Design (structural, mechanical, and electrical).

  • Evaluation.

  • Bridge traveler design.

  • Repair.

  • Preservation.

  • Load rating.

  • Utility attachments.

  • Emergency work.

  • In-service inspection (routine, fracture-critical, mechanical, and electrical).

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