Lighting Engineering

Our team is known for stunning, dynamic lighting designs that are technically practical and integrated seamlessly with the engineering design as a whole. 3Ti’s lighting services provide full lighting and control system design and specification.

The Power of Lighting Design:
The role of lighting designer is art and science in equal parts. Next, we examine and envision an environment’s architectural hierarchy, and decide which shapes and surfaces should be brought to the fore. Instead we draw on our technological skills to realize this dream, creating intuitive interfaces but also optimizing efficiency.


  • Architectural dimming and control systems..

  • Building lighting network control systems.

  • Energy usage analysis

  • Exhibit/museum lighting.

  • Exterior building and area lighting.

  • Interior, task, accent, and ambient lighting design.

  • Landscape and water feature lighting.

  • Lighting simulation models.

  • Urban sky glow and light trespass issues.

  • Human centric lighting.

  • Code compliance forms and check.

  • Regional and code specific analysis of lighting simulations.

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