Fire Protection

Security is the most important factor in the design of facilities. When systems are more complex and require greater energy efficiency and versatility, so are the life protection standards and expectations. Fire safety engineering protects the land, and the people who use it most importantly. Choosing the right partner for life safety and fire prevention systems never mattered more.


  • Fire detection, alarm, and communication systems/mass notification.

  • Fire modeling.

  • Egress systems review/modeling.

  • Smoke control and management design/analysis/modeling.

  • Structural fire engineering.

  • Mass timber analysis.

  • Hydrant flow tests/analysis.

  • Fire suppression systems analysis/design.

  • Performance-based design analysis.

  • Passive fire protection analysis/design.

  • Quality Control Fire Protection Engineer (QCFPE) services.

  • Fire and life safety plan review/code checking.

  • Fire and life safety code consulting/code negotiation.

  • Litigation support.

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