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3Ti reduces operational risk and uncertainty.  We help you adopt technologies & services that enable capabilities while you focus on execution.

3Ti’s focus is on Department of Defense (DoD), VA & Federal Civilian, State and Local Government, and Enterprise & Commercial organizations.  Our services & technologies span all these verticals with a focus on flexibility, scalability, and security.  Our approach is simple, clear, and is understood well by our customers, which is to deliver technology optimization services in a professional manner, any time, any where in the world.

3Ti knows your organization deals with resource rotations, relocations, and growth/scaling challenges.  We offer ongoing support services that ensure that routine training, including training on new capabilities your technologies can enable, so that your current staff is always up to date on adopting the fullest capabilities possible from your investments.

With the global terrorism threat and rapid deployment needs for the warfighter, 3Ti optimizes technologies that support the transformation of defense systems to enable flexible mission outcomes.

As an SDVOSB, 3Ti has the mission understanding to align technical expertise, integrated solutions, and cleared & qualified personnel to help the warfighter succeed in meeting their operational outcomes.

Our industry-recognized subject matter experts and engineers use the best practices, standards, and principles of the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and applicable U.S. government mandates and regulations. Our management process focuses on continual service improvement, producing measurable results that are designed to meet or exceed customer requirements.

3Ti provides its federal civilian government agency customers with the IT services necessary to transform their infrastructures for ultimate scalability, flexibility, and security.   Our professional services capabilities provide the ability to deploy the best mix of technology and managed services to sustain positive outcomes for your agency.

3Ti has deployed critical networks and services for the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and many other agencies.

For our VA customers, 3Ti can enable rapid and direct engagement via the Veterans First program.  To learn more:

Click here for more on engaging us directly via the Vets First Contracting Program.

The borders of state and local governments now extend beyond geographical lines.   With the introduction of a virtualized environment, citizens expect to access government services digitally, and employees need to connect from off-site locations.  While the new government enterprise model offers real benefits it also brings new IT challenges in adverse conditions.

IT issues facing government agencies include:

  • Shrinking budgets
  • Fewer in-house technical resources
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Cyber-threats

To address these challenges, emerging technologies need to be deployed that allow for scalability and ease of management.  We have the expertise and broad portfolio of services to help agencies serve their citizens more effectively and make internal processes run more efficiently. Level of services for these solutions can be provided as self-service, hosted, managed, co-managed, or outsourced.

The private sector has led the public sector in embracing new technologies of the digital age.   Enterprise and commercial organizations have adopted these new technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage, control costs and drive digital engagements with customers to expand market share.  Although this has been adopted by the market, the IT security aspect is equally important to the value of these capabilities.

Enterprise and commercial customers are expected to protect the privacy of their customers, the secrets of their trade, and the integrity of their services and infrastructure.  Information Security, however, must fall within budget constraints and operating spend.  The cost associated with a secure enterprise needs to be correlated with the return on investment and protection of assets.

3Ti has performed these types of services with much success, including solving the most complex of interoperability challenges with existing technologies across business units.  Leveraging this experience, our engineering team can find cost-effective, efficient IT solutions that overcome the information security challenges facing your business.

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