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Why We Offer Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking

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    Meraki was created for cloud networking and has a cloud-managed product family that includes wireless LAN, security appliances, Ethernet switches and mobile device control. In 2012, Cisco Systems Inc. – the world leader in Internet networking – acquired Meraki and later formed Cisco's Cloud Networking Group. Currently Meraki invests in R&D to fuel the next generation of cloud networking solutions. During the case, Michael Donis, Stratosphere Networks' director of business development and general counsel, and Jon Engler, product management specialist with the Cisco Systems Cloud Networking Division, explained the advantages of Meraki's cloud networking.   Here are reasons why businesses might want to consider networking with Meraki. Reduced management burden for IT [...]

4 Reasons Why Unified Collaboration Helps Government Employees 

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Seamless Communications allows government employees to connect efficiently, irrespective of where they are or what form of computer they are using – desktop PCs, cell phones, tablets or VoIP phones. Connecting over the cloud allows for smooth contact.  Here are four ways UC increases the efficiency of government in meeting the needs of its constituents.  Collaboration. Public safety is dependent on good communications. And whether it's a natural disaster or a community event, UC solutions connect first responders via mobile technology and allow them to share rich data such as video and photos – even with different communications devices.    Mobility on the move. What if the workers were available to voters irrespective of [...]

3Ti COVID-19 Announcement

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  To our valued partners and customers, 3Ti has and will continue to monitor information from the CDC, WHO, Governmental organizations, and health professionals concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19). While the current situation is dynamic with new information daily, we continue to prepare while maintaining prudent business practices to fulfil our client obligations and commitments. We believe that concern of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is enhanced around the world. 3Ti is monitoring government mandated travel limitations associated with the COVID-19 occurrence. Our team satisfies daily to talk about current data associated with travelling limitations, and to further improve health and safety guidelines for all to take in order to assist the well-being of the 3Ti [...]

2000 vs. 2020: How Far Has Gov Tech Come in Two Decades?

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Technology predictions made in 2000 describe city streets awash in autonomous vehicles, citizens voting online from the comfort of their homes, and police solving crimes and thwarting terrorist attacks with facial recognition software, DNA databases and drones. Some of these tech predictions became reality, while others never came close or were only adopted in a limited fashion. And some — especially in the area of policing — exceeded expectations. And on the eve of the year 2000, the world held its collective breath, anticipating a massively disruptive Y2K computer crash. But that never happened at all, in large part because governments prepared for it. Nevertheless, Y2K hype changed the way governments view and secure [...]

US Air Force Evaluating Cyber/IoT Vulnerabilities of DoD Critical Infrastructure

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The Air Force is looking for industry help in securing security and industrial control systems networks on its bases. Under the Evaluation of Cyber/IoT Vulnerabilities of Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure (ExCITe) proposal, the Air Force is asking for information regarding technical concepts, approaches and merits of the ideas of work pertaining to the automatic identification, mapping and security analysis of various base control systems. The base control systems consists of industrial control systems/supervisory control and data acquisition (ICS/SCADA), building automation, life safety, utility monitoring and airfield control systems, which have become increasing cyber targets in recent years. Control systems technology extends across a broad array of Air Force functions and facilities, says the request. The Air Force notes that [...]

In 2020, Ransomware Attacks Will Take Aim At Public Infrastructure

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Transportation systems and water treatment plants will be targeted by ransomware – and the attacks could have deadly consequences In 2019, an increasing number of government agencies, public and financial institutions and electricity companies – all critical parts of daily life – suffered IT system shutdowns as a result of ransomware attacks. These organisations often paid ransoms to recover their operations and restore damaged data. Professionals in the field estimate that in 2019 the direct damage from ransomware attacks exceeded $12 billion. The actual ransom money paid was higher than $5 billion. Many victims of ransomware attacks in the US sought government assistance, but the FBI had to turn down most of [...]

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